The Open Data Library has been discontinued per 2021-12-31. To still find the datasets you need, please refer to the alternatives below.

If you're interested in the code behind OpenDaL, go to the OpenDaL GitHub page. For further inquiries, please contact [email protected].


To find datasets, you can try one or more of the search engines listed below:

  • Google Dataset Search: A search engine for various types of datasets from websites indexed by Google
  • OpenAire Explore: Search engine specifically for research data
  • DataCite Search: Search engine for Research outputs of DataCite Members
  • DataOne Data Catalog: Search all datasets from organisations that use DataOne repositories, mostly includes universities and research organisations
  • Open Data Network: Aggregates the data from Socrata data portals, mainly consisting of data from government bodies
  • PANGAEA: Data for earth and environmental sciences
  • Portal that aggregates government data from European countries
  • Figshare: Aggregates the research data from universities that use Figshare